Windows Phone’s @JoeBelfiore tweets that he’s listening to consumer feedback/complaints for WP8.

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Remember the post Ali linked to and expanded on that described some of the things that needed fixing in WP8? WP’s Joe Belfiore is apparently reading and saying that he and his team “hear you”.

Lots of MS folks (including me and other team members) reading it! πŸ™‚ If nothing else, know that we hear you!

You’ve since had quite a discussion later over my own WP App rant – my ramblings of exasperation at the situation we’re in regarding apps. It was an unrelated response to the first post but something that coincidentally had to be said around that time too due to the nature of things that were being announced (BB10’s own set of apps).


What does “we hear you” mean? Are they working on it, or are they aware of it but can’t do anything about it either?

BTW, Microsoft seems to have a more direct way to suggest features over at:

It makes me a little sad that the features being voted on aren’t things that would bring Windows Phones to the next level or ahead of the competition. They’re catch-up things. Don’t get me wrong, that’s nice and all, and probably why they’re there on the user voted list (it might be more of a features refining list).

But like we said before, we want Windows Phone not just to be complete in the feature set, but be steps ahead of the game. It might be hard given how far the competition has come but there is NO OTHER OPTION if you want to succeed.

BTW, not all those uservoice suggestions are something I’d vote on myself. I came across one that asked that Nokia shouldn’t have their own set of exclusive apps. Erm, those apps would either be Nokia exclusives or you’d never see them on the platform at all. If you want those apps, go buy a Nokia or wait till the exclusivity ends.



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  • jajai

    now, it’s a good time for u to voice out regarding “other” storage bugs. it’s pretty annoying =.=

  • MeeGo Paid Poster

    Joe and Elop should be sack for not including a notification center! Not to mention Instagram for vain people.

  • Mark

    It’s a fair point but I think WP is ahead on a number fo things – keyboard, UI, People Hub.

    However, there are annoying inconsistencies:

    * Apps. Yes people use Instagram for pointles things, but since most people use their phones for pointless things it’s still needed. The other obvious apps also apply.
    * A proper notification centre.
    * The music app needs work.
    * Integration with Windows 8 needs work. The WP8 app is getting better but still sucks.
    * Universal search

    And Nokia’s apps…

    * Mix Radio is good… when it isn’t falling over.
    * Nokia Drive needs to let me select ‘Drive To’ by a screen tap, not just ‘search’.

    I’m still pleased with my 820 and prefer it to the other phones out there (iPhone 5 is boring, SGS III is nice but the broswer still stutters) but the gaps need closed.

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

      hi from Greece. I agree about Universal Search. I’d like to see that too. And definitely Win8 integration. For example on my Surface I can watch videos that are stored in my laptop’s homegroup folder but I cannot do the same on my Windows Phone. If Windows RT can do it Windows Phone 8 should be able to do it too

    • Weirdfisher

      In other OS you can download many kinds of keyboards

      UI, maybe it’s too general? I think swipe UI is better

      People hub is no longer ahead, all other platforms are doing social integration. BB10, new android, harmattan have nice social integration.

      • Mark

        In WP you don’t need to download keyboards. That’s the point.

        As for social integration, I have a Nexus 7 running JB. It is in no way as integrated as WP. I can’t comment on Harmattan (although the review suggest it isn’t as integrated) or BB10 as I haven’t use them.

        • Hypnopottamus

          My wife has the Nexus 7 running the latest Jellybean also. The Social integration is no way remotely near that of WP…even WP7. I’m not sure those who are saying that the People Hub is nothing special have ever even used a WP to try it out.

          • migo

            It’s a great idea (that Palm came up with in Synergy), but the implementation falls short everywhere, forcing you to use apps, which then limits you to apps that aren’t as good as on Android.

            • Hypnopottamus

              It does the basics and does it well. it only “forces” you to use apps in certain scenarios. It isn’t meant as a substitute for the real deal, just as a quick means to the basics that can be accessed quickly and easily along with your contacts. Palm isn’t around anymore in any meaningful sense. And along the lines of what Weirdfisher was saying, what other platform has the social integration been up to par or has surpassed how the WP’s People Hub is implemented?

              • migo

                If I’m going to have to use those apps some of the time, I have to have them accessible. Might as well not bother with the people hub.

                Given that WP’s People Hub isn’t that good, nothing else really has to be “up to par” as it’s below par. Do it right, or don’t do it at all.

                • Hypnopottamus

                  Sorry. I disagree about the People Hub. Again, it is not meant as a replacement for Facebook or Twitter. It is a quick stop basic Hub to view, post, check in. Having that ability cooked into your contacts app is definitely a plus. In addition, having the ability to do Facebook chat in the same app that does SMS/MMS and being able intermittently switch between these is definitely a bonus.

              • rustyknight17

                Blackberry 10 !

        • migo

          Actually, I’d quite like to download something like Swype for WP. It’s adequate, but that’s it. I’d also like to be able to change the layout, but I’m stuck with QWERTY unless I want to have autocorrect in a different language, and if I want to type in Canadian English I need to select UK English and end up getting a pound sign instead of a dollar sign.

    • migo

      The WP keyboard is definitely better than iOS (but thank you Apple for hours of entertainment by autocorrect!), I can’t say for the JB keyboard as my girlfriend already went to a custom one, and in a practical sense, Android wins simply because you can get what you want. There’s a good chance on use the BB10 keyboard will win out over the WP one, so in the end it’ll be the second worst.

      The WP has a good look to it, I’m not sure about the UI as a whole. Metro on the 360 is way better than Metro on Windows 8 or Windows Phone. Which just goes to show how disorganised MS is as a whole. The WP UI would be a lot better if you could swipe between the hubs, and customise the hubs to taste, so if you get to the music hub, you could have Slacker (or whatever) featured, instead of having to dig into it. The games hub could feature games so you don’t have to tap on the tile, and you could give preference to non XBL games. The people hub could include tiles from any social networking apps that are used. The app list could be left out entirely if universal search were included. That’s what really frustrates me about the WP UI right now. Microsoft is in house showing how good Metro could be, but they’re not using it for everything.

      I’ve unpinned the people hub from my start screen. Twitter integration doesn’t support DMs, so I need a Twitter app anyway. Facebook doesn’t include events or groups (but neither does the FB app MS made) which means I need to use the browser. The Me tile is good for status updates, but that’s about it.

    • rustyknight17

      BB10 has that ! Just saying … except , of course the Nokia apps !
      As to ur comment about Nokia Drive both my N8 and C6-01 have that feature! Again , just saying …

    • rustyknight17

      Actually , not so nuch , BB10 has all of that , except , obviously, the Nokia apps lol 1 The bb10 keyboard is better and i`d have to say their OS is better too , if u value getting things done , that is .

  • zxz

    this tiles designer got no taste in design

    • wpcyan

      Or your taste of things sucks big times
      in term of design windows phone won a lot of prizes

      • Weirdfisher

        It is a very subjective thing.
        For general public, I think they need some time to accept such significantly different UI design

      • guerrahp

        i highly doubt people buy wp because of the tiles…people buy wp because nokia sells wp.

        • wpcyan

          well my first reason to buy windows phone because of the design, speed, Microsoft products and it fits perfect with my windows 8 desktop and windows 8 tablet

          i don’t mind buying HTC, Huawei samsung windows phones
          but since nokia making windows phone their exclusive smartphone OS i put Nokia first in my buying decisions

        • migo

          Actually, the tiles do sell – mainly because they’re colourful. MS needs to have the option of changing each individual tile colour to really capitalise on that.

  • Chetan

    So what, if the folks at MS are reading it…as if they don’t know what the issues are??

    Question is what are doing about it??

    When at launch they mentioned that they couldn’t include a notification center because of lack of time…means that they were aware of the fact that users are demanding a notification center..

    Problems are the inconsistent efforts and the boring pace at which the platform is evolving..after the failure of WP7.5 they should have come all guns blazing..they tried but it looks the efforts are back firing..

    They announced apps will come..but none of the major developers are interested
    They announced xbox games will come…but same story at this front as well
    Desktop syncing is still a pain

    WP can only succeed by doing something radical and not by copying other OS..
    the UI with live tiles, Kid’s corner, MS office are steps in right direction but it will require much more than these..

    All the best, Joe Belfiore and team, am keeping my fingers crossed..

    • rustyknight17

      amen bro

  • anon2

    The only way to win a marathon is to have a strategy. As far as Instagram, I’d say they’re working toward integrating it into a Facebook application.

  • Will Tisdale

    My problem with WP8 is the lack of momentum in fixing the glaring outstanding issues.

    Microsoft released an unfinished product.

    It has the following problems currently:

    Omissions – Notification centre, better control of alert / ringing / media volume, lack of usable (half decent) desktop syncing application.

    Bugs – Issues syncing or downloading to many commodity SD cards, many Xbox music issues (hangs, stutters, etc), reboots, modem hangs (dropped calls and delayed SMS), wifi problems, poor Facebook chat integration.

    App selection – Still missing some major apps, such as Spotify and Instagram. Major apps which have been released are crap compared to their iOS or Android counterparts. Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter apps are prime examples.

    Update availability – The way in which portico is being pushed out to ‘selected’ devices and carriers first was insulting to many early adopters. The 920 / 820 and 8X should have been given the update simultaneously. The method which they used simply succeeded in alienating all SIM free early adopters, which was really not a good move.

    There are a number of other problems with the platform, but those are the main ones which I suspect bother a lot of people.

    All that said, I can’t see any evidence that any of it is being fixed, so I have decided to sell my 820 and move to another mobile platform. It’s on Amazon Marketplace for a bargain price if anyone is interested. πŸ˜›

    Perhaps I will try WP8 again when it and the app ecosystem has matured, assuming it still exists. It’s a pity though. WP7 was stable and reliable, albeit quite limited and constrained by the CE kernel and lack of native code in 3rd party apps.
    WP8 is the opposite, it’s much less limited, but the stability and reliability has gone out of the window, which is a massive shame.

    • don

      hey, im interested, link please? =)

    • rustyknight17

      Agree! Personally , I`m going for BB10 and either the Asha 303 or 311 or possibly the 700 as backup . Who knows , if I have the money , possibly the 808 as backup πŸ™‚

  • Keith too

    I think a lot of the problem is that we missed a big release cycle of feature updates due to Microsoft having to spend so much time on changing the kernel. This will all be forgotten if they now give us a big update with most of the missing features and hopefully sweetening the pot by throwing in some unique innovations as well.

    Nokia also has some work to do becuase both the 1st gen and 2nd gen Lumias have been experiencing too many problems. It’s somewhat mitigated by Nokia’s great service but they need to cut down on the number of problems. The Lumias are by far the buggiest WP phones.

    • noki

      I am almost positive that Microsoft will do what they have hallways done in this area, that is they will reinvent themselves yet again and leave again its partners stranded with yet a gain another abandoned platform…

      The entire metro pseudo uniform experience is a disaster with bad windows 8 adoption rate (“its all the oem’s fault”), the absolute marketing/product mess windows Rt is and the non selling wp8/wp7 range…. Is asking for a reboot and I suspect it wont take long for them to reach that conclusion. Its strange to expect from Microsoft anything else than what Microsoft is used to do.

      • correct

        Except Microsoft is doing exactly what they did not used to do. Microsoft fired Sinofsky, and they’ve merged many departments together to work together.

        Microsoft never used to do that before.

      • dss

        Windows 8 is actually a fine OS.. and unlike it’s phone counterpart, has no issues at all, and nothing is missing. People complain about the added touch functionality, but you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to, and the desktop is identical (even better) than 7.

        Its a better optimized Windows 7 with added touch screen functionality. That’s all there is to it. Its the best desktop OS I’ve used so far, and I’ve been trough several Linux distros, mac osx, XP, and 7. Skipped vista for obvious reason.

        • noki

          I will disagree πŸ™‚ I hate the blody thing, and i’m not gona install extra element to make it usable.

      • Keith too

        WP has some problems but the UI is certainly not one of them. It is a breath of fresh in UI design and while no one UI style is for everyong (and that is a good thing), the UI is one WP’s biggest strenghts. I don’t blame anyone for not liking Metro or any other UI but anyone that calls Metro a disaster is an idiot or a troll.

        • noki

          I also disagree and I do like the non tiles part of it, I like the apps quite a bit (the non over simplistic one but the ones that make the content king)…. but I dont think its main stream enough, design by designers for designers, problem IMO.

        • noki

          Note that what I was talking about was that in order to do a proper port to wp metro style app you basically need to rethink your app navigation paradigm and that is extra work, the basic app ui/ux guidelines for WP i do like and done can create very interesting apps with it, (though its not well suited for everyone its more targeted to men) spacial manipulation.

        • rustyknight17

          More like a work in progress ..

      • migo

        Windows 8 adoption rate is actually quite good. Just check Steam stats. That’s why Valve is taking Steam to Linux – they’re worried Xbox Live integration will make everyone forget them. Now it’s not as if people are buying Windows 8 because of Metro, it’s much more likely because it performs much better with less resources and has more power user tools.

  • Pathetic

    Always the same speech, all of you still believe in Santa Claus? hahaha, microsoft is the decision maker is the product of them, is his system. you should forget about the notification system, according to Microsoft for that are the live tiles, they will continue with what they believe is right. is the history of microsoft

    • Mark

      “Always the same speech”

      LOL irony! πŸ™‚

  • dansus

    All 8 votes went on ‘Add File Manager’.

  • shallow ocean shoal

    Does win phone 8 have a sensible ring/silent/vibrate setting switcher? Because the one on win phone 7 is retarded. I can’t go into totally silent with vibrate switched off unless I dig way down into settings. Dumb.

    Bring back symbian style profiles. Even the N9 profile was not as good as the symbian profiles because of that stupid “beep” meeting setting (it should have been “vibrate”)

    • migo

      Probably not. I’ve seen complaints about only having a monolithic volume control.

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