Windows Phone’s @JoeBelfiore tweets that he’s listening to consumer feedback/complaints for WP8.

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Remember the post Ali linked to and expanded on that described some of the things that needed fixing in WP8? WP’s Joe Belfiore is apparently reading and saying that he and his team “hear you”.

Lots of MS folks (including me and other team members) reading it! 🙂 If nothing else, know that we hear you!

You’ve since had quite a discussion later over my own WP App rant – my ramblings of exasperation at the situation we’re in regarding apps. It was an unrelated response to the first post but something that coincidentally had to be said around that time too due to the nature of things that were being announced (BB10’s own set of apps).

What does “we hear you” mean? Are they working on it, or are they aware of it but can’t do anything about it either?

BTW, Microsoft seems to have a more direct way to suggest features over at:

It makes me a little sad that the features being voted on aren’t things that would bring Windows Phones to the next level or ahead of the competition. They’re catch-up things. Don’t get me wrong, that’s nice and all, and probably why they’re there on the user voted list (it might be more of a features refining list).

But like we said before, we want Windows Phone not just to be complete in the feature set, but be steps ahead of the game. It might be hard given how far the competition has come but there is NO OTHER OPTION if you want to succeed.

BTW, not all those uservoice suggestions are something I’d vote on myself. I came across one that asked that Nokia shouldn’t have their own set of exclusive apps. Erm, those apps would either be Nokia exclusives or you’d never see them on the platform at all. If you want those apps, go buy a Nokia or wait till the exclusivity ends.



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