Video: Unboxing of the Awesome Yellow Nokia Purity Pros!

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Quick heads up on my unboxing of the much awaited Nokia Purity Pros in Yellow!

Following the teaser unboxing last Saturday, we have a more conventional video version. Apologies these are a bit late as I’ve got exams I’m still preparing for (last one tomorrow). I have had time to play with the Purity’s since then and my first impressions are super positive! Thanks Katie for letting me try these 🙂 I love them and will definitely be wanting my own permanent pair when they appear on Amazon 😀


  • Very comfortable to wear, even for long periods. No ear pain so far (unlike my Beats Studio Pro).  In the winter, they keep my ears warm from the cold wind. I’m not sure how they’d be when the weather is warmer. I’ll try them on again some time where there’s a lot of hear.
  • Definite head turner. In yellow it’s very bright, it’s very loud and it will definitely attract attention. For those that use headphones not just as listening accessories but fashion ones too, you’d be hard pressed to find one that stands out much more than this. They also come in red, a more conventional black and a classy white.
  • They’re light but they feel durable. I’ll need a bit more time to see how hard wearing these are (my “built like a tank” beats was replaced twice for build issues. My third one was also returned.)

Ease of use

  • They are so easy to use. Connecting via bluetooth is easy. Opening the headset turns the headset on. Very slick.
  • The first time you are guided by the voice commands on the headsets on how to connect by bluetooth. Or you can simply tap the NFC compatible device.
  • The next time you connect, there’s no fuss with connections as it connects back up to my 920. It’ll say “Battery full. Connected”
  • The noise cancellation only turns on when it’s next to your ears. It senses when you’ve put them over your ears and you can hear an immediate difference even with no music playing. When you take them off your head, the noise cancellation turns off (my BH-905i used to die early when I left noise cancellation on).
  • You have music controls on the left of the cup, volume controls on the right. These control all the music on the phone. These are quite easy to press.
  • You just hold the play button to initiate voice controls, such as calling and whatnot.
  • I love the options to use wires if I need them.
  • You can make calls with this (as I accidentally tried whilst doing my unboxing) by holding the play button. This initiates voice controls for WP and you can call contacts, text etc. Double tap play to redial. Press again to hang up.


  • The sound quality is excellent. You can have an audio expert’s opinion here.
  • They can certainly be very loud. So loud that it actually can be uncomfortable at full volume. Good to have this option for those who like music blasting.
  • Interestingly there TWO sets of volume levels, one on the headset and one on the phone. Make sure both are turned up, ideally leaving the phone on full to have full controls on the headset. But this is when it’s wireless. When wired, there is one unified volume.
  • I wouldn’t say there’s too much in the way of sound leaking unless you put the volume quite high. Thanks to the noise cancellation I don’t usually have to put the music volume so loud to drown out outside noise.
  • In use, the noise cancellation has worked really well. I find myself walking around busy public crowded areas not hearing anything at all.
  • Voice quality is great when making phone calls. The noise cancellation is a nice treat when making a phone call.

I’ll get a better gallery for you guys next time, just in a bit of a rush for now.


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