Round up and More Nokia Lumia 928 Rumours (+Verizon rep mentions hearing about 12mp Lumia for a while)

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So far, yesterday fleshed out some information about a possible Nokia Lumia 928 on Verizon. 

  • Laser (codename)
  • Aluminium
  • 10.2mm at thinnest
  • Design more like the 720 (squared/angular look)
  • Curved back
  • A lot lighter than the 920
  • OLED screen, 4.5″
  • SV LTE
  • Same processor/RAM as 920
  • Xenon flash + LED
  • 8MP
  • due April launch.

A few more rumours have sparked.

On Reddit, someone reckons these are the supposed dimensions.

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 13.21.27

TheVerge does not mention but dimensions are: 133 mm tall, 68.9 mm wide

Believe me or not, I don’t care 🙂

The poster is quite prolific on Reddit technology related boards (not just WP). He says the dimensions are 133mm tall, 68.9mm wide. Rich compares that to the 920 which was 130.3mm tall and 70.8mm wide.

This next one comes from WPC forum. I’m not quite sure of the poster, but they seem to work closely with/for Verizon (WPC via WMPU)

When questioned about release dates:


Easter time. Verizon’s going to steer away from Android advertising until the S4 and whatever Moto launches in June. Spring is time for change, and the Z10 and the Windows Phones will be leading the pack.

You would not believe the conversations about Windows Phones that the financial departments are having. They’re about $100 cheaper to Verizon than Android phones, and about $150 cheaper than iPhones. This benefit will trickle down soon.

Additional info suggests

  • Multiple Colours (As you’d expect, given how Nokia’s all about the splash of colour
  • Possibly Less internal storage but…
  • Expandable storage 
  • $550 of contract, $200 on contract unless subsidised further
  • Brand backing from Verizon, Verizon wants WP8 to succeed.
  • WP for customers who want easy to use smartphones. They apparently require less tech support.
  • Has apparently heard of a 12mp lumia for a while (in the work setting)


From what I’ve heard, it looks kind of like a bigger 8X, will be in white, black, cyan, and red, and will be 16GB + Micro SD


It will probably be $550 off contract.

On contract price will be $200 unless Nokia works a deal. Verizon never gives away the farm because phone pricing has never hurt them. I don’t think the S3 has ever been less than $200.
That said, I’m pretty amazed at how long the 822’s been free, so maybe it will come out swinging.

It won’t have some massive party like the One or the S4 but it will be up on the website and junk.


I know it doesn’t seem like it, and I wish I could provide documentation without getting fired, but VZW really, honestly, wants WP8 to succeed.

I attended a meeting where the head of finance for a whole region specifically told us to make sure there was a specific reason a customer was NOT getting a Windows Phone. For example, if someone just browses the web and emails, they want that person in a Windows Phone. The phones are just cheaper to the company. Less subsidy and less tech support costs.


I think all of you guys are expecting it to be a large departure from the 920.

I would expect a 920 with less internal storage, an SD slot, a bit smaller frame and MAYBE a higher megapixel camera. I’ve been hearing about a 12 megapixel Lumia for about 6 months now.

Wireless charging, OIS, and the screen should all be the same. I’ve even heard guys say “Hey you hear we’re getting the 920?”

As for a release date, I might find out like a week before you guys. Tops.



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