AAS Camera Shootouts: 808, N8, 920, Xperia Z (even Nokia’s N8 from 2010 still besting Sony’s Xperia Z)

| March 14, 2013 | 10 Replies



AAS has performed a couple shootouts recently. Check out how the 2010 N8 is going against that 2013 Sony.





As we have said before in previous comparisons, whilst we highlight and acknowledge how awesome Nokia’s camera’s have been, we must also consider some other factors for the fullest smartphone experience for the larger, mass market. The OS, is it something users can rely on and get along with easily? The build, can they cope with the weight, the size, the thickness? For the cameraphone fanatic, they won’t mind very much and will be willing to compromise for the best performing camera quality. For others, a great camera is a nice big plus but they’ll also want a rounded experience too. Great marketing as well as other factors for sales performance are also important but that’s another article all together.


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  • rudy

    I wouldn’t mind lumia phone with the n8 optics.

    • Jake

      Indeed. I transferred the pictures from my old N8 to my 920 the other week, and I was surprised how big difference in IQ there was. Colour reproduction, sharpness, other optical imperfections, are so much better in the N8 pictures. It really got visible when looking at them on the 920’s beautiful LCD screen. The screen from the 920 and the camera from the N8 – yes please, when can I buy it? 🙂

      • ♫♪ but its only just a dream ♫♪

    • viktor von d.

      it just makes you wonder why the hell aren’t they using the n8 sensor anymore.

  • cache
    • viktor von d.

      things always get reposted around here.poor communication between the editors of the blog.they need a system

      • Deaconclgi

        We all live in different parts of the world and in our efforts to share the news, reposts happen sometimes. We do try to keep the reposts to a minimum. I emailed Jay this morning when I first saw the post but given time differences and responsibilities/other factors, an email may not be read for several hours. He may be sleeping for 8 hours at the time my email hit his inbox and out of respect and courtesy, we do not delete each others posts.

        As always, we are looking to improve the site and content delivery and all suggestions and feedback are welcome.

        Thank you for bringing it to our attention and for continuing to read MNB, we appreciate it!


  • MOOKing

    and this is why symbian still kick ass with hardware and software on smartphones…they both WHERE AND ARE DESIGNED FOR EACHOTHER….and why no other Current,’so called’ modern smartphone OS will produce the same pics at that level,.cause they focus on super specs…

    • AreOut

      yeah it’s impossible for bloated OSes to include PV technology and will be for several years to come,426

      • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

        It would be quite possible to implement 808’s sensor to a phone with Android or iOS. Probably not so hard to get it on a WP8 either if Nokia and Microsoft really wanted to.

        That story or ‘article’ is pretty much flawed. Nice story, but that’s it. Just a story.

        The real problem is that too thick phones just don’t sell that well.