Video: Innovation at its finest with the Nokia Lumia 820, Makerbot and 3D printing at MWC.

| March 14, 2013 | 10 Replies



Nokia & MakerBot partnered to release the CAD files for anyone to customise their Lumia 520 and 820 case, and created the world’s first live social 3D printing experience at MWC 2013 in Barcelona


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  • Silthice

    how about 620?

    • faisal

      620’s back cover has a headphone port with it so i doubt it will ever happen

      • Nabkawe


  • Hey that’s me! @1:41


      looking good, they should have paid you 😉

      • Ali Abdulla

        they gave him a 820 with a special 3d case too, dont think he had to return that 😛

        • ^this. Plus c’mon it’s Nokia; who wouldn’t want to be in one of their videos 😀

          But seriously they were passing out those 820’s like candy; almost everyone who tweeted them got one with a custom made case.

      • imcoolerthanjay

        Maybe they did? 😉 that explains why he was so excited about MWC the whole time.

        • sunnyvale

          now you’re less cooler than Ali

  • twig

    I wonder how many Makerbots Nokia has now in their offices? So which is the best low priced 3D printer for someone with designs to extend Nokia smartphone accessories to farm, boating, camping and home or office? Makerbots or? I have an engineering college nearby for students to put the designs into CAD. $2000-$5000 usd for printer range.