NokConv: Nokia Lumia 620 questions answered (and checked)

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Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 14.16.22There seems to have been a question/answer session at NokConv regarding the Nokia Lumia 620 which revealled (or didn’t) the following:

  • No specific availability dates for specific countries (question asked about the Philippines). They do point to the link below which then brings you to the Nokia page of your respective country :/:

Mid February we heard it might have been coming then. Hmm…

Here’s a review from Jade who is based in the Philippines. (PHP 11.6K)

The PhilStar says it’s already in the Philippines

A quick look at Smart or Globe PH doesn’t show up any recent Lumias. Oddly Globe only has an Asha phone :/ What’s that about?

  • Battery supposedly good enough to last a whole day (despite only being 1300mah). But this is NokConv staff.  I checked out some of the reviews and they confirmed this:

“The Phone easily got us through a day…and if you tinker less with it, it may be a two day ride”

“you should easily get through a day, probably more.”

It typically gave us two days of use before cutting out.

“we comfortably managed a day and half of use – with push email, a mixture of streaming and cached audio from Nokia Music, photography, web browsing, some GPS use, a few calls, and some messaging – before having to go near the microUSB charger.”

For some, once a day charging was mediocre.

“ If you’re going to be doing much at all in the way of using apps or playing games, you’ll have to charge every day without a doubt”

GSM Arena did some more ‘rigorous’ battery testing. Despite the URL title, it seems to do better than a few more of the expensive handsets.

If you’re the movie watcher then the Lumia 620 will serve you adequately, while those users bent on maximum calling time will be more than happy with this one.

  • No gorilla glass but it does have ‘toughened glass’. Oddly they’re super honest at NokConv accepting some (barely noticable) scratches at the bottom if left with keys/coins in the pocket (mind you, that happens with/without gorilla glass. It might even be better with Nokia’s own glass, but that’s just me speculating)
  • Sensors available: 3D accelerometer (Specs page say gyroscope), ambient light sensor, proximity sensor and a compass (magnetometer sensor).
  • Sky and Angry birds run fine with 512mb. He does skirt around the question though of what 512mb RAM limit poses on 620 users. I’m not 100% certain but I’m sure theres a heavy game or two that might require 1gb RAM?
  • GPU -  Adreno 305

You can view official specs here. There may be some slight variants per region, I’m not sure:

All in all, decent Q&A. The only ‘skirting’ around of a topic (  sometimes seen in Nokia Q&A where they don’t really answer the question or answer only part of it that seems favourable)



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