adduplex: Nokia fights on, increases share into WP as it enters June – scaring off competition?

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Just to refresh your memory on adduplex’s May results, you might want to check this out. The latest results detail June or at least early June since we’re freshly into it.


  • Growing once again to 84% of all WP8 devices – helped by addition of 720 and 520
  • Growing to 83.3% of all WP devices
  • Top handset in the world is supposedly the Nokia Lumia 920 amongst WP devices.
  • WP8 now outnumbered WP7 in a much shorter timeframe.
  • 70% in US, up from 65.9%
  • 70% of WP devices are WP8
  • Top US device is 822
  • 77% of all WP8 devices in US
  • Verizon edges out AT&T as top WP network
  • Italy – top 800 21.8%
  • Germany – top 920 – 17.9%
  • China – top 920 at 23.3%
  • India – top 520 already at 20.8%. Since it has only just been launched, it seems to be doing quite well.
  • not top, France has HTC 8S.

In related news, this domination is apparently scaring some other manufacturers into joining WP. That and high licensing fees.



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  • nokiaaa

    they need to make licencing feed free so that many more will create wp phones because this way theres no point because of nokia. I want nokia to succeed ofcourse i dont care for others but i want also OS to succeed(for nokia sake because of one OS manufactoring). More manufactors more wp phones more sales more market share more developers more apps and in the end that is what people want.

  • krishna6233

    still there is a giant gap between asha n lumia 520 !! Dont worry samsung is selling truckloads f Galaxy y,lite,pocket,duos to fill tat gap :/

    • JamesSB

      Samsung does sell a lot of junk.

  • Janne

    Lumia 520 growth rate is staggering – and it is only available in limited markets world-wide.

    Well, staggering in the Lumia mediocrely way. 😉

    • Symbian was not responsibe for everything

      It can’t be mediocre because if it was, it should be selling more.

      Look at the mediocre iPhone. It’s mediocre from the hardware point of view and it sells quite well.

      Did I mention mediocre often enough?

      • arts

        mediocre TM

  • v.s.i

    Wait, you mean just like Samsung that’s taking 95% of Android profits and scaring the rest of the Android crew away?
    Licensing cost aside, it’s entirely the other OEMs’ fault for not putting enough steam. What, so when WP was small, nobody except for Nokia dared to go all in, and now that it’s grown, they wonder why no one else has >5%? Good job, Nokia!

    • Pathetic

      scared by Nokia? hahahaha i think scared by the burning platform Windows Phone that’s the why nobody wants to make phones with Windows Phone, listen to instagram, listen to google, listens to facebook, listen to other companies, I wonder why they do not want to make apps for WP?

    • Patata

      Even those 5% of profit for all other OEMs on Android are a far bigger market than 100% of wp profit.

    • zlutor

      can be one reason ‘customer demand is weak’ – declared by Samsung?
      Was it for Win RT only?

  • i agree V.S.i , good job Nokia!

  • yemi

    With 822 selling more, it looks like Verizon is a better seller of windows phone

    • Bloob

      Yeah, I think it was mentioned somewhere that Verizon has 100% more non-iPhone users than AT&T (50% vs 25%).

  • shallow ocean shoal

    This is because their hardware kicks butt and HTC can’t compete with their cheap copied crap.

    If they had gone with Android it would have been a race to the bottom with Scamsung because Google clearly doesn’t give a sht.

  • dss

    Samsung are not even trying… I think they will wait until win blue until they start to take thing a bit more seriously.

    • Janne

      Weren’t people saying that of WP8 already? That only Nokia was silly enough to try with WP7 properly, but with WP8 others would try harder…

      Clearly nobody else is trying hard, though.

      • Patata

        Others don’t have any reason to spend too much nor any resources / money on WP. Android works pretty well for them, mostly for Samsung, and a free os means that the risk to invest in Android is much lower for other OEMs too. Only Nokia must really push and care about WP. Everyone else won’t care if WP fails

    • zlutor

      Samsung will not care about WP unless it gets _real_ traction – but it will hardly get any without Samsung….

      So, classic Catch 22…

  • zlutor

    Now the only thing is missing is VOLUME – but that is missing badly…

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