iOS 7 Siri default search is Bing instead of Google. What’s with that dialler?

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As part of iOS 7’s approach to becoming WP7, Siri also now defaults to using Bing for searches. Bing. Who knew.

Well that’s cool. Instantly a lot more Bing users I guess as most probably won’t know or bother switching back to google.

Source: iMore Via: WPC

Oh. From Reddit.



iOS 7 attempts WP’s cleaner, flatter look.  Blah blah, Steve jobs quote about stealing is great unless it’s the others then sue, sue!

Come on MS! Keep your head above the water and impress us with whatever major update you’re going to give WP8. You can’t stop people ‘stealing’ or being inspired by your design/features. You can only keep progressing, keep the competition either ‘guessing’ or trying to catch up. You CAN do it. But potential and executing something with definite precision are different things.


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  • oakpacific

    If apple steals card switching from MS, then no doubt MS stealed it from Palm.

    • v.s.i

      Palm’s implementation allows close by swiping up. So no, MS didn’t steal it from Palm. If anything, one of the webOS designers who now works at Google, Matias Duarte, included the gesture on Android 4.0 and it’s been widely used since then.

      • Tom

        So Web OS implemented it first and MS didn’t steal? Nice try. Everyone stole it from Palm. You can probably say Palm was nice enough not to patent/sue others for such an important UI innovation.

    • ceegii63

      yeah… STOLE

      and you Killing English

  • tony

    Well can they i mean apple b sued for stealing design???

    • Microsoft probably got the deal in for Bing instead of Google to compensate for design

  • Truong

    Copypasta 😀

  • Janne


    • Janne

      Actually that color-splotch stuff looks a little like the pasta that came out on any given Sunday after a too rowdy night on the town…

  • Adriano

    For the love of all things dear, fix the damn music player and just do a better job of the ‘settings’ (for example, put all the ‘Nokia’ stuff together, like feedback, extras+info, Nokia Account… Or what about combining ‘brightness’ and ‘Display and Touch’ under one setting for display? So poorly thought out, makes you want to roundhouse kick Elop in the face for not trying his products before peddling them). If Amber brings double-tap and always on clock and a little ‘x’ over apps so you can close them from multi-tasking instead of going in and smashing the back button then I might, just might, get a lumia. Until then, iOS 25 or WP18 couldn’t beat the damn fine N9 – most perfect device ever made. No device can claim to have such a terrible tale of existence 🙁

    • v.s.i

      You couldn’t be more right. But don’t expect miracles out of the snail-paced WP team, they’ve shown time and again that they don’t take their job seriously.

      • mirco

        Actually, WP is evolving much faster and with less bugs than ANY Nokia OS before.

        • Symbian was not responsibe for everything

          Very true.

          People Seem to forget how Nokia spent almost 4 years just to end up with a product like Symbian^3.

          • Adriano

            Says who? It took a whole iteration of WP to add multi-language support (which was why Lumia 800s and 900s never came to the middle east, for example). The camera UI, despite Nokia’s best efforts, is still so stupid it makes you crave the 808’s or even the N8’s. Symbian^3 might have had bugs and didn’t look like a glazed doughnut, but it was functional beyond iOS and Android’s combined wildest ability. Bugs are not the do all and end all, it’s usability. Which brings me back to my point – a buggy product like Symbian^3 has a close all apps/’x’ in multitasking (which is still the best implementation of multitasking on any OS); it also has a ‘display’ setting that houses everything related to the display. Bug-free WP maybe, but usable, not quite. You would think with the kind of clout MS has, that development would move a little faster than Nokia spending ‘almost 4 years to end up with a product like Symbian^3’… The fact remains that by the time WP8 gives me content in a flashy flippety-flip cardy layout, and moves 8 of them into multitasking, I would have finished and moved on on the 808.

            • Symbian was not responsibe for everything

              I have 808 and I wouldn’t dream of using it as a mobile phone.

              During the weekend I was actually shooting some pictures with 808.

              It was really handy to notice that if I opened an image from the camera application, I was not able to go back to the camera view for taking another picture. The back arrow just didn’t work.

              Every time I wanted to check the picture I took, I had to go to the multitasking view and close the camera application.

              Sure, it was handy to have that multitasking view, but only because Belle is so buggy that I have to kill applications in order to use the device.

              That’s not the only serious issue I have had with 808. The software 808 has is really buggy. I can’t trust 808 so if I need to take a quick picture, I don’t do it with 808. That would be too risky.

              I don’t want to miss the moments.

              • PinoyAko

                Just click the camera button after viewing taken pictures. it will go back to the camera

                • Symbian was not responsibe for everything

                  I tried to do that but it wasn’t working. I really had to go to kill the application.

                  I really wonder what caused that to happen. I wasn’t doing anything differently than before.

              • Adriano

                Hmmmm… haven’t had that happen yet. Usually I just click the little preview box of images in the lower right corner and swipe around, and the back button takes me back to the camera. And yes, the 808 is buggy sometimes. But they are minor compared to some WP bugs. I just bought two Lumia 820s (one for my mom and the other for my fiance), both in Oman. First of all, Nokia Music was not available (despite it being across the border in the UAE), so I changed the region & language to US, got Nokia Music, changed the region back to Oman and restarted. In one phone Nokia Music had the mix radio and gigs and all that, but curiously, the XBox Music+Videos settings disappeared (so connect to Xbox music and all that). The other phone had nothing but ‘My music’ and ‘settings’ in Nokia Music app, but the Xbox settings were present.
                Your camera issue is a bug maybe solved by restarting (most bugs on Symbian are resolved with restarting or just pulling out the battery). The ‘bug’ on WP didn’t go away even with a factory reset – two phones, same OS, for the same region (Oman), different problems.

                • tom3256

                  I have problem with the sim card. When sim card is in 920, the phone is restarting after turning it on. The sim card works in N8.

            • mirco

              “Symbian^3 might have had bugs and didn’t look like a glazed doughnut, but it was functional beyond iOS and Android’s combined wildest ability”

              No, the problem was that it was not functional… Browser, keyboard, eMail client, settings, wifi stability… all the MAIN features of a smartphone were lacking. How could a hdmi output, fm transmitter or the ability to add a usb mouse/keyboard help to overcome those major flaws? And most of the flaws were not even tackled until the very end.

              You need to have those goodies, fine. But most people prefere that the most important features are working without a flaw. This is what Apple did with iOS and this is what Microsoft is doing with WP8/W8. And besides… the change from WP7 to WP8 was a whole new OS. While changing the whole OS they maintained most of the backward compatibility (S60, Symbian^3, Symbian^4…???). Sure, average Joe doesn’t care since it looks the same, but claiming that Microsoft is lazy simply doesn’t cut it.

              • Adriano

                Most of those problems have been solved with the latest Belle FP2. I do agree that MS isn’t lazy, but there are huge oversights. And I too don’t use the 808 as my primary – it’s my multimedia awesomeness for travelling (great music, fantastic maps, stellar camera, brilliant battery and efficient power consumption). For a truly ‘smart’ phone, there’s nothing like the N9, which is why my SIM resides in that little microSIM tray. Nowhere in the smartphone industry do you see form and function come so congruently together. Simple, subtle and stunning.
                Hahaha… I just remembered, I was at the Lumia 920 launch in DXB and they were filming shorts where they asked people if they would switch to Lumia. I just knew it would be the biggest lie if I said I would with my N9 sitting in my pocket. I politely declined to be filmed.

              • tom3256

                The keyboard in 808 is great. I have a choice to use swype also. The browser is slow, but it presents web pages correctly. The email client sucks, but there is qooMail in ovi store. I love symbian settings. Wifi works ok. I love phone automations apps for symbian. Now S^3 FP2 is more mature os than WP8. Maybe WP19 will be okay.

                • Adriano

                  Situations FTW!

                • dss

                  I actually prefer my 808’s keyboard over my iPhone 5s .. I thought that would never happen at one point.

                  The latest 808 firmware is rock solid.. I have no issues with it.

                  It terms of multitasking, its on par with MeeGo and bb10, if not better considering the resources.

        • Maybe

          You must remember WP is evolved from WM and how WP lack of simple features that even Asha have them.

        • v.s.i

          So what? It’s not like Nokia competes with Nokia. There have been tons and tons of interesting UI concepts and ways of adding functionality to WP from fans. But not so far not a single demanded improvement has been implemented by MS.

          But what do you know, quite a few have been introduced by Nokia: flip to silence, support for high-res camera sensors, double tap to unlock, Glance Screen, breathing light for notifications (well, for empty battery). Doesn’t this point out to something?

          • Symbian was not responsibe for everything

            Nokia should have been competing with Nokia.

          • mirco

            “There have been tons and tons of interesting UI concepts and ways of adding functionality to WP from fans. But not so far not a single demanded improvement has been implemented by MS”

            So, you don’t see a slight difference between a drawn picture in Photoshop and a function which has to be implemented into an OS so that all/most of the user benefit from it?

            Concerning your last paragraph… This is how it should work with a well done OS: The OS is the basis that just gives the hooks to provide additionally functionallity. With Symbian it always seemed to me that Nokia had to bake everything directly into the kernel… it felt more like a firmware than an OS. This is just a feeling but the fact that it always took ages to port updates special devices like the 500 or E6/E7 leads to this conclusion.
            And, personally, I would trade all of the goodies you mentioned for a decent browser and email client… both I found in WP but never in Symbian.

      • Grazy

        agree with that! Still holding out with my N9 for now, but know i will have to update at the end of the year. Most likly a Nokia WP.

        I just hope the OS becomes more polished before then! For me though the apps will be a bonus. Some would say there are not enough apps but having come from an N900 and then an N9 I have never really had that many anyway.

        • Adriano

          +1. Absolutely agree. Almost dreading the switch/upgrade

  • Adriano


  • oakpacific

    Everyone copies from WebOS, from iOS to WP, the only system on which the multitasking is done differently is Meego on N9.

    If Apple should be sued for this, so should MS.

    • Symbian was not responsibe for everything

      I don’t really understand why some people are so obsessed about copying. As long as it’s not illegal, what’s the problem?

      When companies copy from other companies, consumers usually get better products and improved features.

      It’s great to see someone copy and even better if they improve.

      Sure, it’s funny and interesting to make notes about the original designers, but that’s it. If Nokia or Palm were not able to deliver or popularize what they designed, it’s better if someone else does that.

    • If Only….

      Then there’s still the ecosystem thing :p.

      • Symbian was not responsibe for everything
      • jiipee


        At that stage the ecosystem wouldnt have been a worry. They would have had plenty of time to discuss with Amazon, yahoo etc to set it up properly (with their own management hindering the pace of development 😉 )

    • oakpacific

      I have no qualm about either Apple or MS, but if Jay wants to blame Apple on this, then MS should not be spared as well, in reality maybe both companies know well enough why copying this would not consist a legal problem.

      • I’m not blaming Apple on the multitasking layout of cards. If you’ve been here long enough, you would have been aware that ever since Symbian/MeeGo picked up card style, I’ve paid credit to palm. 🙂 It would be an oversight from me not to note the same for WP since it’s exactly the same style (except lacking gestures). Note MeeGo not MeeGo harmattan swipe UI.

        What I pointed out here is the dialler and overall flatness in design.

        MS knows exactly what they need to cover. I like the parallax motion thing. I’ve noticed that in games like Bye Bye Brain on my Nokia Lumia 800/920 and noted that should definitely be part of an OS system wide thing. Shame to see it on iOS first (as heck, when would we ever see new things on WP first? :p)

        • oakpacific

          Okay, I was actually talking about the other post which claimed that iOS copied WP for its multitasking layout, but after reviewing it I found you did not write it, so sorry for the confusion and mislabelling.

  • krishna6233
  • Adriano

    Saw this on GSMArena and couldn’t help but burst out laughing in the office – from a certain Abhijeet: “Oh.. My Time Machine works.. I’m in future. its 2008. New mobile OS launched. What an OS. Its touchscreen, notification panel, live wallpapers, Multitasking (no other OS has this option…!!!), toggles, market place for apps & shows weather. Wow.. I guess this will change everything.”

  • Well AT LEAST APPLE is listening to Symbian and MeeGo users. Kudos to Apple!

    • dss

      Indeed, iOS is much closer to Symbian now that it has ever been..

  • Symbian was not responsibe for everything

    Very few people have commented about iOS7 and how it affects Nokia.

    There have been some comments about iOS affecting Jolla, but no one has really paid that much attention to the subject.

    Someone said that iOS7 leaved WP8 on dust. I don’t agree with that. WP8 is clearly targeted to people upgrading to a modern smartphone while iOS is probably not even trying to be that easy while it shouldn’t be so hard to use.

    Jolla is a better question. There has been some features on iOS7 Jolla has been promoting, but does iOS7 alone really hurt Jolla that much? I doubt that.

    One oddity is that no one has yet commented how Jay should change the name of the blog to or something like that. Judging by that Apple released more than people expected and everyone is still trying to figure out what this actually means.

  • They have also stole Amviance feature and blurry backgrounds in some apps from Jolla! come on Apple! get sued soon!!! Stop being so unprofessional!

    • Symbian was not responsibe for everything

      What’s unprofessional with copying features like that?

  • BellGo

    Huh. I guess Apple really hates Google. More so than Microsoft, evidently.

  • dss

    They are slowly catching up to Symbian.. I suspect they will get to Symbian levels before WP does.

  • john

    windows dont know what ther doing with ther mobile os or gaming console. sad to say if nokia would have went with android stuck with symbian or switch as planned to meego i would have an up to date nokia. instead of sitting hear waiting for windows to catch up in features i refuse to buy something waiting for an update to do things i expect from a smart phone. well nokia you have my respect but its time to get off ms di^& plain and simple things are taking to long if not at least make sure all feature from symbian make it to windows phone and speed things up plz.

  • NMO

    I can expect this from Apple after S.Jobs passed. They Are now following Samsung (Award winner of Copy Cat). Not every time your copy works. And the is all MS to SHINE in future. And if Apple is coping MS then its good stay with the original(MS).

  • john

    just cause u do something first does not mean its better in terms of looks ios 7 looks better than windows mobile cause they took what it needed i still wont buy an iphone