New Nokia N97 firmware update V21.0.045 and 21.2.045 from Feb 1, 2010, 08:00GMT.

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On Friday, you may have read that today’s the day (February 1st 2010) at 08:00 GMT that V2.1 firmware update for the N97 will be available.

The software version number will be 21.0.045 (RM-505) or 21.2.045 (RM-507) depending on your region. The release for N97 China 2G (RM-506) will follow shortly. Non-customised versions of the software, with country (SIM-free) and operator versions following over the next few days and weeks.

In addition to usual bug fixes, main changes include:

  • Improved call reliability
  • Smooth touch screen scrolling << Yay. Good to have kinetic scrolling on paper, but with V20, it was awfully jumpy (especially in the menu)
  • Browser improvements << Really interested in exactly what this means. Have they made that ugly toolbar disappear? Perhaps an actual usable zoom function? Improved rendering/flash?
  • Music player improvements << Quick favourites/playlists hopefully, slightly revamped interface?
  • Improved image and video stability

Initially, the update is only available via Nokia Software Updater (PC). OTA will be slightly delayed as this package is a little bigger than normal with apparently a wealth of new content available.

Maybe this will fix the Hard Reset problem? I can’t check until this evening as I won’t be getting back to Cardiff (and thus a computer!) until then. [update: Oh it’s still there alright]  [Holy Mooses, I think it is actually fixed. Yesterday I had problems but today absolutely fine!]But you can enjoy the V21 FW update, so  get your MicroUSB cable and fire up Nokia Software Updater from your computer.


Via Twixer @NokiaUsers via Nokia discussions.

[This post should have ticked over at 00:00 but Chrome decided otherwise.]

Seems I have some 5 minutes before I leave the house. I’m gonna update 🙂



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  • Win2Kuser

    hmmm I tried updating from FW version but all I’m told by the NSU is that I have the latest version and I can re-install it if I wish. Tried downloading the latest NSU and no change, it won’t find the new 21.x.045 versions 🙁

    As a side on, I have found a simple way to get an N97 to soft boot when it decides to play up. It’s essentially a hard boot but doesn’t loose any settings or programs.

    Hold down the green (call button), the red (end call button), the camera button, and then press the power button. You will need to hold all 4 for around 30 seconds or so until you hear the Nokia tune and see the familiar hand shake video.

    Unfortunately, for some reason my phone won’t let me install anything, regardless of signed or not. As soon as I put on any other software, it fails to boot. I’ve formatted the memory, re-installed the 20.0.019 FW un-installed just about every application I can and it still does it, so needless to say, I’m looking forward to this new 21.x.045 update as I hope it fixes my phone.

    For the time being, I’ve still got the stuff I want to use, and if (and when) my N97 decides not to play, this 4 fingered solution works every time 🙂

    Hope that helps…

  • adnan anwar

    I am also experiencing the same problem that it is not updating the firmware to 21.x.45 instead keeping the version 20.x.19 and hang problem still there.

    Did anyone found out a solution?

  • i have had my nokia N97 for 6 months now and since i got ive had nothing BUT trouble, first the internet was disconnecting me while i was logged into websites like banking, when the phone went died and i recharged it, i had to pull the battery out and turn it back on. Then when i was ringing people they couldn’t hear me. Then my navigator was telling me that it had expired when ive only had it 6 months, and my battery was faulty.

    Now after waiting 2 weeks to get my phone back from nokia (yes it took them 2 weeks to get a battery) i cant make or receive calls and my internet is done but only in selected areas. I rang Vodafone & nokia and they sugested i get a replacement phone but the store i got it through said i couldn’t