Nokia E6 and X7 to be announced soon! April 12? Videos uploaded at Nokia’s youtube channel

| April 10, 2011 | 28 Replies

We’ve seen the Nokia X7 and Nokia E6 leaked on the web, but there still hasn’t been any official announcements from Nokia.

On April 12 there are going to be Symbian related announcements. One part is apparently to announce the Summer Update for Symbian^3 (aka new UI, new browser etc). On the ‘new’ handsets front, we weren’t so sure.

A spokesperson for Nokia (apparently @laurieatnokia) tried to clarify on the so called “symbian event” and when asked about new devices, replied:

Sorry, we aren’t pre-releasing what we’ll be announcing on April 12th but please follow along

Well, I just received this email from the official YouTube channel. You’ll notice two email screenshots (from Omnia 7, booo :p) showing that a video about the Nokia X7 and the Nokia E6 has just been uploaded :D. But they’re set to private so we can’t view them yet. BUT, they should be out soon. Like maybe, in two days time for April 12? Possibly before but not much further.


The E6 is the first ever touch QWERTY candybar hybrid. Successor to the E72 it now brings Symbian^3 touch.


The X7 is the first Symbian^3 on Xseries. A 4″ AMOLED display with possibly 4 speakers. It was destine for AT&T as the Nokia Journey, but is now debuting for the world.


The subsequent Lunch and Chat in London on April 12 may be to have a little play with these devices no? Guys at Nokia are coming down, we hear so they might be bringing some new toys! Sergejs will be there to let us know of anything worth knowing about.



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  • visitor

    I hope X7 will be announced this month and available in May/June. If not, Galaxy S2 is already knocking on my door – maybe I let it in in May and close the chapter Nokia for me.

    • Cod3rror

      Without a doubt buy a Galaxy S II, unless the X7 costs $200, I would not advise it to you.

      That thing has a three year old CPU that is two generations behind, and at only 680-700MHz vs Galaxy S II’s dual core 1.2GHz monster, probably 256MB RAM, max 384MB, fixed focus camera(Galaxy S II has 8MP auto focus with tons of features, and the picture/video quality is superb.), a TERRIBLE! OS… have you checked Ovi store lately? It’s the same crap that’s been available 2 years ago, nothing changed, no killer apps. Galaxy S II’s screen is said to be much better too.

      Just why would you buy the X7?

      • Arts

        i am so enthusiastic and excited for the both of you! go and get those androids now! =D

        then leave and begone troll.

      • he

        bah! Stop being a perpetual complainer.
        We have earlier seen how galaxy S1 lags despite its 1ghz cpu.
        All the glitters are not gold.
        S2 galaxy has average camera.oversaturated pic is what it is delivering.

      • you do know android is basically a java application sitting on min linux distribution.

        it doesn’t really matter if android is on 1 core or 20 cores it will, behave between 10 and 30% slower than say meego, that is the the truth.. its also why u will never have great power usage from the battery on an android phone.

        Androis is great for deploying x hardware – think qt but as a os ..

        Mhz means nothing when your phone dies in 3 hours

        • Androis = android

      • visitor

        All in all, the X7 would match my needs perfectly, because of good media capabilities for music/videos and navigation. As I know, there is no navigation-software for android like OVI-Maps with downloadable maps and offline-mode (only GPS). I’m not sure if I need all the apps wich are available for android. My C6-01 is just working fine for my demands, except the small screen (when I’m watching videos). On the other hand, the Galaxy S2 is mind-blowing in every aspect, except navigation. As said, I’m not sure what to do. I will wait for the official announcement and official specs of X7. I think, it’s the same as E7 without querty and a different casing. Hopefully, I will decide tomorrow.

    • James

      These people are idiotic Nokia fanboys. From what i’ve seen, the S2 runs flawlessly, the screen is literally the best you can get (4.3 inch WVGA Capacitive Multi-Touch SuperAMOLED Plus with Gorilla Glass which is also unbelievably power efficient yet bright) with and it is INSANELY powerful yet extremely power efficient since it’s spread over 2 cores and has superb power saving tools. It’s also the worlds thinnest and one of the lightest smartphones despite the features. Symbian is awful and archaic, and doesn’t come CLOSE to Android Gingerbread, which has TONS of apps.I’m not a fanboy (I have an iPhone but have tried Android) i’m just trying to help someone not to get stuck with a horrible, dated, overpriced and clunky phone like the X7 seems to be.

      • Rant

        I’m not an ignorant Nokia fanboy, but claiming the S2 to be power efficient is a long shot. It isn’t out yet, so nothing to compare or any testing has been done in the real world.

        The dualcore advantage is yet to be proven. It probably is faster than anything Nokia can offer now and it’s very thin.

      • JFH

        I dont agree with you, seems the X7 is a bigger version of my C7, and I would buy that again over an Android device in a heartbeat. Different people, different preferences. Dont spreak your preferences as fact.

      • Nrde

        Newer trust an opinion only full of superlatives.

        That said if you like to compare devices based on only numbers the new gigantic power effiecient superduper amoled screen dualcore gigantichertz phones are just what you need when you spank the monkey. So please go and do that instead of bothering us fanboys.

        And Cod3rror, what was your interest in Nokia phones again, I mean other than complaining about them in every single Nokia news story?

  • Bharadwaj

    The official three UK video courtesy @geekifyNokia

    • mj

      nice find!

    • Mark

      Well found!

      If that’s what they’re releasing for firmware then I’m very happy indeed. 🙂

    • suyashxp

      Cant see the video….
      say it is private!!!!

    • Rant

      Not much to see there, few icons and the portrait QWERTY. Not worth the watch actually.
      We’ll see in Tuesday what’s actually what.

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  • John

    Nice find !!! Although I am more interested in the supposed summer update for my N8 I hope we get more information on that and its release

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  • Ricky

    That video has been set to private take a look at video here

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  • mk

    i need help ovi store application is not working.after showing the starting screen the application closing itself.
    today i accidentally installed Qt WEBTKIT this causin the applicaton to malfunction?
    Then how to uninstall it?

    • I face something same, not sure exactly what but on my N8 and sisters, OVI didn’t run up don’t know why but mine fixed itself just a couple of days back. I sent this to the tip section here but I think it didn’t caught up.
      Well here is it in more detail, let me know if it helps you too.

  • Rudeboi70

    I’ve had the top Android devices, and I have the Nokia n900 and currently using the iPhone 4 and from what I can say about Android is that it’s garbage and way overrated and their store isn’t all that great but definely better then Ovi. Apple rules when it comes to app content for your device. Maemo 5 is still the best hands down and even without apps it just gives you so much more. I like the new icons for Symbian and believe that certain journalist really want to see Nokia be completely out of the mobile world unless they accept a American software platform. The iPhone camera is decent at best but the video recorder is pretty good. It’s just the with Android and IOS that the devices seem more of a mobile phone but with maemo it feels like a mini computer in my pocket.

    • At times it does feel like if not some but half the tech-world want Symbian to be murdered.

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