Nokia N5, RM-701 (Nokia 600/Cindy) passes FCC.

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Engadget has found that the Nokia N5, which leaked a month ago, has also passed FCC, Then named Nokia 700 or Helen, the Nokia N5 is also known as Nokia RM-701, powered by Symbian Belle.

 Like her sisters, Helen is one of four new Symbian phones expected to have 1GHz processor under the hood.





Origin of the girl names and my confusion. Nokia 701 is NOT Nokia RM-701

As found in the UAprof

This is Nokia 600, RM-701

Cheers for the heads up!

Source: FCC

Thanks for the tip, mrprince!



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  • Vidar

    I would lika a Belle, with bigger screen thank you 🙂

  • Gyu

    Im waiting also for a big screen,ill go for Meego

  • Lloydo

    Thank goodness they aren’t starting another naming scheme!

  • stylinred

    i imagine if they actually named it after girls @ retail people would get confused between the devices and updates

    • outdated os

      nokia c3-01.5


      • weirdfisher

        It’s hard to read.
        I mean you’ll be pleased to read out N-9 or GA-LA-XY-S but not C-THREE-O-ONE-DOT-FIVE(OR ONE-AND-A-HALF?)
        SHIT how the fuck should i read?

        • outdated os

          read this rapidly

          Htc incredible s

          htc incredible s

          htc incredible s
          Htc incredible a**
          hold it right there.

          • Zhi

            Super like! Haha xD
            Not just htc, but the galaxy too

            • ssdh

              *galaxy a** too

              • Tej parker


        • What about Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1? I prefer numbers and letters such as C3-05. Remembering Incredibles or Sensations are just hard.

        • rebel_ng

          do you honestly think nokia would actually release a phone with such a stupid name? why are u all so gullible?

  • Usedtolovemeegoandnokia

    Put MeeGo on it and watch it sell out.

  • Deep Space Bar

    um N5-00 WTF i thought elop blasted that N8 was the last Nseries smartphone …..FUCKING TOOL needs to STFU sometimes

    • ZiPA

      Elop wasn’t even in the company when the N8 was announced or launched. And nobody has claimed that N8 would be the last Nseries. Heard of a little something called N9?

      • Jurgis

        As I remember, it was said, that N8 is the last Symbian based Nseries smartphone. So it is possible, that it woun’t be N5 at the end, but something different.

  • MIke

    This is definitely not an N series…. too cheap to be one, duh

  • art_vaider

    Cheap looking design , small screen …

    • Marc Aurel

      It’s a successor to the C7, so you can’t expect high end features.

  • Webby

    The design of the “sisters” reminds me a lot of S60 5th phones. Maybe all new designs have been transferred to WP7 phones.

  • Mac

    I’d like to see a leak of this thing running belle with that 1ghz processor. So far all we’ve seen is picks of the phone and belle. Curious to see if nokia got this right or not. If it is anything close to how android operates on say 2.3 gingerbread with resizeable widgets, easy home screen editing, better and more efficient browser, then we really have to ask Elop wtf was he thinking by dropping symbian if it is now more user friendly. Couple that to the fact that symbian has features that android doesnt even have and we have a winner. Find that leak someone!

    • jill

      It was already posted somewhere…’that if you like Android, you will love Belle’

      • Mac

        Yeah i’ve seen that post stated by a nokia employee but have you seen it? I havnt! Thats the problem and nokia sometimes overhype things and in the end we are the ones left disappointed.

  • The pics look like cheap plastic stuff made by a low cost mobile handset maker…….

    • asdf

      I think that is the whole point. Now with Winpho and Meego taking over the high-end smartphone segment Symbian will be changed into a cheaper alternative between them and S40. With a small enough price and Belle preloaded these will hopefully sell quite a bit (before Symbian is completely phased out).

  • It’s Nokia 600

  • Matias

    I like the description of Zeta (Nokia 700): “The thinnest smartphone ev…” Ever? Or ever produced by Nokia? Can we expect 5mm thick Nokia device that doubles as a knife for slicing cake! Wuhu.

  • nt

    not that much different (in looks)from an XM5800/5230 from the pictures.

  • hackednokia

    Successor to C7 ?? That device is not half so sexy as my C7 ? I don´t need a new design. I´m sure that a “C7-20-S” for 299,- would be a best seller.

    1 Ghz CPU
    512 MB Ram
    Symbian Belle

    Mercedes-Benz or BMW makes not the most profit. It is Volkswagen with his midrange devices

    • Marc Aurel

      Actually, upon closer inspection I think the successor to Nokia C7 is not this model but the RM-670(?). Jay also says that this is NOT the Nokia 701 “Helen”. This looks more like a successor to C6-01 or even C5-03.

  • Cod3rror

    Terrible design, look how thick that bezel is, very cheap looking phone. But it’s from a low quality dinosaur of a company, so it’s expected.

    Nokia just give up.

    • merlow

      Now we just have to wait for your rival, Ninja, to tell us how perfect the N8 is.

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  • Janimatik

    As I wrote to tips, FCC photos + manuals etc. are short term confidential only, available at 18th October 2011.

    Nokia World 2011 is 26th of October. Seems that it is for WP7 only.

    Symbian Belle phones available already at Q3?

    • Keizka

      That’d be strangely fast. Plaubile, though.

      • Keizka

        Plausible, gah.

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  • Zoedolf

    How a about a phone around 4″ screen without border on sides and top, the edges of the screen are the edges of the phone, full touch no physical button except power and camera shutter with all the features of N8 with Gigahertz speed and Gigs memory….that would be awsome…it doesnt bother me what OS it will run on…..whew