Thoughts on Nokia N9 PR 1.1 + Review of changes

| November 17, 2011 | 102 Replies

We’ve brought you articles on the PR 1.1 FW being rolled out, available on NaviFirm and also Jason from SmashPop. After watching the video I thought I’d post up my thoughts on the update as well as details about the changes I have noticed.

I’ll talk about a few things in this post.

  1. New Features
  2. Changes and Fixes
  3. Areas To Be Improved
  4. Hopes for PR 1.2

1. New Features

As always when you get a Software Update, you look for the New Features. Like Kontorri mentioned, PR 1.1 is mainly to address bugs and provide some under the hood benefits. That does not mean that the User can’t find any goodies. The first is the addition of Swype into the OS. For those of you that don’t know, Swype is a style of text input, where the user simply drags their finger over the letters to spell the word.

The next major update is Music Player controls on the lock screen. The clock gets replaced with the title of the song, and a Play, Forward and Reverse button are included. If you have notifications, they will still be present in their original location, at the bottom of the screen.


2. Changes and Fixes

Something that we like about Software Updates, besides new features, is when existing features are improved. PR 1.1 did not disappoint on that front (at least not entirely). The Facebook client has been updated. It is now quite smooth, with a new top toolbar icon change. The down arrow we saw previously, has now been replaced with a 3×3 grid, as well as, if the user has notifications, the globe with the number of notifications present will appear next to it.

On the standby screen, there is now a “charging icon” that sits above the time aligned to the right. All other notification icons (Mail, Messages, Chat, etc. ) still sit below the time, but are now also aligned to the right, not centred.

Camera has received a minor update, with the inclusion of colour filters – Black & White, Sepia, Vivid, Negative and Solarise. The settings of the Camera app itself has also received a nice change. Previously, when altering the settings, these would be reset upon closing Camera. Now, even after turning the device off, the previously used settings will remain, until changed. This is something I am happy about, as I found it annoying when I forgot to take off flash each time I close the app.

Closing apps has also been changed – sort of. Swipe to close was present in the sales release (PR 1.0 ) of the N9, but was an option that had to be enabled in the settings. This is now on by default, and as far as I have noticed, there is no option to turn it off. (Not that I think anyone would want to.)

Twitter has received an update too! You can now post photos using the Twitter app on your N9. Unfortunately, you cannot upload the image straight from gallery like Facebook, Flickr etc. but it’s better than nothing.


Gallery has changed, with a new way of arranging the filter options. Prior to the updated, it was a scroll-like box. Now it is a semi transparent toolbar. Not really something that is going to captivate the masses, but it is a nice usability improvement. Speaking of toolbar changes, Calendar has also revamped their toolbar icons for “week view”, “month view” and “day view”. Also, the toolbars of native apps now seem to have a shadowing on them, making the toolbar “float” and allowing for scrolling through lists to look a lot more fluid and elegant.

The list of “Transfers” has also had a make-over, changing to an all black design. Previously it was that grey and white colour scheme that many have complained about, as it doesn’t match the “black background” theme that appears throughout most of the OS. Web has also had a bit of updating, now have predictive text. Sadly, there is still no copy/paste in web text boxes, nor can you scroll using the “Magnifier”

Maps, something that Nokia is notorious for, was implemented poorly on the N9. It’s loading time was shocking, getting about 18 secs start-up time. Now thankfully, it is a lot faster than that getting about 7 secs to change from the splash screen. Sadly, it’s still crap. I have to select the location dot everytime, for the app to “sweep” to the map showing my position. I know it’s no big deal but it is something that drives me insane!

Finally, a subtle change to the UI is the notifications. The notification icon used to be a green flag in the status bar. Now, there are separate blue icons for text messages, chat, mail, missed calls etc. (Haven’t had any SW updates since updating, so I’m not sure if that will be changed or not.)

Under the hood, the N9 has gone through some changes as well. Sadly, I don’t think for the better. And this brings me to the next part of my post.

3. Areas To Be Improved

The performance of the N9 has dropped significantly since the update. I now have a lot less apps then I did before (as the Update removed them all 🙁 ) and I am finding that with only one app running (Resource Monitor), I am at 90 % capacity of RAM, 84.6% being “Idle”. (Idle refers to the OS itself.) This is pretty disappointing as I was amongst the first to praise how without heavy apps, the device was extremely snappy. Don’t get me wrong, it is still snappy, but I’d like to see more.

Not sure if I’m using my device differently, but I have also noticed a significant decrease in battery life since the update. I got only 6 hours the other day, with a constant 3G connection and random refresh of Facebook every now and then.

Facebook and Maps can still be improved a lot more. Although I have been using fMobi more regularly. (Shame it doesn’t support sending of Inbox Messages….yet :p ). Facebook for some reason, will not log in to chat saying “Incorrect Password” despite password being correct (I know its correct because I just change my status back to Online and it logs in. ). As well as being required on several occasions to enter my Facebook password for no apparent reason.

I have been getting a LOT more “Application Not Responding”. More frequently on apps I was getting it before, and now also on apps that ran perfectly fine on PR 1.0.

4. Hopes For PR 1.2

  • Video Calling
  • Improvements to Facebook and Maps
  • Twitter Photo integration through “Share” in Gallery.
  • Combined view in Messaging like on WP7 ( Skype, Text, Facebook etc. to same contact is shown in single thread)
  • Integration of Windows Live Messenger
  • Push Notifications for Facebook and Twitter (Mentions and Direct Messaging)
  • Push for Apps downloaded from Ovi Store (At the moment I need to go to store instead of refreshing SW Update list)’
  • Text input in web
  • Universal text input featuring cut/copy/paste

So, if you own an N9, and haven’t updated you are probably thinking, should I? The answer is yes! Despite the negatives I have outlined, it is still very good. I have actually forgot what PR 1.0 used to be like. (I actually needed to look at my original review series to confirm some changes :p ).

Sorry for the long read. Hope it was worth it. If you have updated your N9, post your thoughts about it below, and I may update the post if trends occur.




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Hi! My name is Michael. Like the others, I'm also a Student, living here in Sydney. I have a real passion for the latest technology and I'm a real Nokia buff! My aim is to keep those of you, like myself, updated with the latest in what's going on in the Nokia World. Currently sporting N9 & Lumia 820, with other Nokia devices in my posession. Get in touch on Twitter via @MFaroTusino, Google Plus or even simply drop me an email at mike.mnb[at] or tips[at]
  • Happy N9 User

    I have to disagree with you about those performance issues. I think after update everything works so much smoother and I haven’t noticed any difference in battery usage.

    I don’t know why you lost all your apps while updating, I still have every app that I had installed before update.

    This 1.1 update makes this phone truly amazing everyday.

  • Contented Users

    I feel that the performance has been enhanced especially in multitasking . And the updates for PR 1.1 which i like is the Swype and Facebook.

  • walterhoe

    can anyone let me know this software update already got in malaysia?

    • Inajoba

      The update is not available in Singapore OTA and I guess it’s not available in Malaysia either. However, you can use Nokia Software Updater to update your phone from your computer

  • wow

    “Combined view in Messaging like on WP7”
    If you merge your contacts, all the conversations will be stored at one long thread.

    • Michael FT

      I have my contacts merged, and all display each service separately. If yours are in a single thread, please screenshot.

  • abba

    has any one have tried nfc tagging?how it works?

  • usino

    hahahahaha im ok i flash my N9 so now if u can’t flash your phone maybe u need to deinstall the vlc pc the vlc is doing a conflict in bin fille

  • I’ll have to disagree with the performance issues post-PR1.1. Everything is much smoother and fluid now. A tip for something I had noticed though: after PR1.1 my battery was draining like crazy and I was baffled. Even on idle and with really light use of the phone, my battery wouldn’t last more than 12-18 hours. Battery monitor also mentioned that my battery was draining. So I uninstalled Battery Monitor and my battery times have gone back to normal.

  • N9 User

    Nice Post, really helpfull, im still waiting for the update here in Mexico :S, when would skype be available? i thought it would be included on the P.R. 1.1

    • Michael FT

      Skype has been present sincr launch, video calling hasn’t unfortunately

  • Scapegoat81

    It would be great if u can get a list together of which regions actually received the update, & ones that have’nt. I’m sure i’m not the only one that plans on purchasing in the next few months. So it would be great to know that i’m able to update out of the box or not…. Thanks in advance

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      So far, from comments I have seen, this is confirmed. Not much, but better than nothing ahah.

      Some codes of Australia
      Switzerland (Via NSU )
      Singapore ( Via NSU)

      And Whatever Is left on NaviFirm I assume

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  • Fiatopichan

    I’ve just got an update today.
    21/11/11 – Thailand

  • Pascal

    PR 1.1 now available in the US…

  • Trexus

    RE your “areas to improved”….
    All sound like classic issues many whinged about even with 1.0 that’s mostly/often resolved with a full reset.
    Yes it’s painful, but it may be worth your while, try that.

  • Trexus

    RE your “areas to improved”….

    It all sounds like issues many whinged about even with 1.0, that are mostly/often resolved with a full reset.

    Yes it’s painful, but it may be worth your while, try that.

  • SW17

    Will I get the Pr1.1 / 1.2 updates since I am in UK where the N9 is not officially released ? I got my phone from Singapore.

    • Michael FT

      Yeah you will. Phone is still seen as Singapore variant. May require using NSU instead of OTA but you will get it

  • Fikri

    Hi. I got PR 1.1 in Malaysia. How do you get the twitter mention on the lock screen, like in your screenshot? I’m assuming every time someone DM/mention you the N9 will automatically notify you. In my case I have to check manually. I can’t find it in any settings. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  • Muheed Ahmed

    Swipe to close an App isn’t working the way it used to. It is now based on accelerometer instead of App orientation. Also “Swipe manager” is not supported 🙁

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      Swipe manager was updated, has supported Pr 1.1 for a few weeks now

      • Muheed Ahmed

        The updated Swipe manager isn’t working 🙁 even after uninstallin old v. then installing new v. after phone restart.

  • Muheed Ahmed

    There is still some kind of “internal error” with Nokia Account for sync.

  • Ruben

    Hey really nice post here! I’ve got my beatifull black N9 a week ago. Made the update. Before it was really good. After the update still keeps very good, although i have to agree on opening apps giving error at some times and not before the update. But one thing Nokia never did, was to abandon its user’s. More updates will come i am certain, and the N9 is yet something to be aknowledge by the world of technology.
    They just don’t get it. And they don’t want to get it. That this is the most easiest phone ever to use, with the most practical UI i’ve seen in years. Why oh why nokia dropped out Meego?!

    A Swipe all round phone, no buttons, pure style. Added with an amoled clear black display and dolby digital sound geeeezzz. Everyone should try one out.

    Anyway (with the long text) i just wanted to cheer out your good post.


    • Ruben

      Oh im from Portugal (forgot to mention).


      • Ces

        Ruben, how did you update your phone? I’m from Portugal too, but when I try to update it , it says that my phone is already updated (And it does not have PR 1.1 installed)

        • Ruben

          Olá 😉
          Acho que precisei de sacar o nokia software updater. Agora o site da nokia em portugal está diferente, mais à semelhança dos outros no resto da europa.

          Estive a ver e se fores ao site, em baixo no suporte onde diz download, escolhes o modelo Nokia N9 e tens os varios programas para fazer download. O ultimo que é o actualizador de software deve ser o mesmo que o nokia software uptader.

          No meu pc tenho instalado o Ovi suite, o Nokia suite, o Ovi music e o Nokia link. E o actualizador de software.

          Se não der pelo actualizador, deve dar pelo Nokia Suite, tens lá o icone dentro do programa para fazeres o update do aparelho, aquele icone verde com a seta.

          Espero ter ajudado 😉

        • Ruben

          Talvez aqui seja mais directo, em Update using your PC:

          tem de ser através do PC, pelo telefone não deves conseguir :/


          • Ces

            Obrigado Ruben, irei tentar como disseste.

            Eu tentava actualizar pelo próprio telefone e aparecia-me que estava actualizado.

            Obrigado pela ajuda.


  • Sanjeev

    i updated my N9 OTA about 3-4 days back ,since then iam experiencing some lags in the performance which wern’t there before update
    1.swiping from the lock screen to the app menu is not smooth as it used to be.
    2.swiping back to the app menu from a running game is very laggy ,it wasn’t like that before
    can somebody help me in this regard.
    p.s the messaging font changed to a bit larger size…is it normal?
    pls. Help

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