Rumours: N8 successor with 16/32GB+MicroSD slot? Stunning design? + PureView mock up.

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Once the rumour for the Nokia 808 PureView began, there has been a ton of excitement and doubt. I won’t say any more on this, the discussion is available there.

Rest assured, it’s high and dsmobile (and various sources) are sticking firm to the high MP count. Here’s another instance where dsmobile confirmed the mp count (cheers marc for the tip!) It’s fair game to not believe what was mentioned in the quoted link. There is a linear way to think about what Nokia would do with such pixels, and then there’s some interesting out of the box implementations.

Now onto the design. Some mock up of the 803 has been floating around and well, I’m not liking it. It looks like a 5800 class device. But dsmobile says that the design is stunning so that can’t be the 808 right?

beside even with huge camera the design is really stunning. It would be perfect device with HarmattanMeego.

dsmobile is quite picky in what he likes design wise.


A perfect design for 808 is NOT that mockup unless it significantly looks better in real life.

Some more specific details. dsmobile counters speculation of no removable memory slot to say yes. You can have 16GB or 32GB WITH MicroSD.

Here’s the mockup of the 803 we saw in a manual a while ago (we can’t even be certain that’s real) created by @brianmfb and posted by Mark from TheNokiaBlog.


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  • Muerte

    Here is a bad quality screen capture from the N9 journey – video.

    Neither N9 or Lumia has that kind of a body structure.

  • Does the design could be something like this?

  • After seeing this post I realized that there is one more thing that I hope from the “good upcoming camera” phone. No round corners. Round corners on phone is one of the ugliest thing I have seen. In my mind phone with such round corners looks too much like a toy.

    Well this is just my elite opinion. 😉

    • kumara

      What does make it, to have an elite opinion? Please, do tell…

      • reptile

        I’m guessing the tapered corners for all of S^3 including N8 and X7?

        Also, if you look at the N9 from directly in front, the corners are neither rounded nor tapered..

  • Seth

    I read in another blog that the Nokia 803 has 24 megapixel. Then 1080P. Forgot about the other specs but it was kinda “expected specs.”

    The post then got deleted.

    • Seth

      Nokia 808 I mean in my post.

      • phoenixn8

        4. bbblader posted on yesterday, 10:22 4 1

        sorry for second post but it seems that there is more to the 808 pureview
        its indonesian even if i cant understand much
        a 1.4GHz and a 24 megapixel +optical zoom camera + symbian carla + 1080p Full HD video + nfc
        god please let the rumor be right​12/02/14/nokia-808-p​​​ureview-penerus-nokia-n8-dg-24-megapix​el-opt​ical-z​oom/?utm_source=twitter​fee​d&utm_medium​=tw​itter
        the post has been deleted by the author…

        • phoenixn8

          this was there oin comment section to phonearena

          • dss

            24 mp makes perfect sens for 3x true zoom

            • dss

              I don’t like the optical zoom part.. generally not good for optics, if they did it, lets hope its well done. Also, the sensor size needs to double the size since they are doubling the pixel count.. ; )

            • DanT

              3x zoom is not equivalent to a crop of 8 MP on the sensor (3×8=24), but with a crop of 2.6 MP on the sensor (9×2.6=24). Also my guess is it will be a multi-aspect sensor like N9/800, so maybe 24 MP is a just the total amount of pixels, but not usable all at once. If it will have crazy MP, my guess is it will have 3x(1920×1080) = 5760 x 3240 in 16:9 mode to keep the 3x in 1080p mode.

  • Jordan82
    • stylinred

      they seem to be sourced from znokia a russian nokia blog?

      they’ve got clips claiming to be from the lumia 910 etc too

      the supposed 808 clips look underwhelming imo

    • RaV

      Doubt these are samples but we’ll see, only 2 weeks to go!

  • aab

    Nothing special, naked grandma allot better than this phone.

  • mkd

    I dont think it will have larger mp count, nokia never run behind this dumb mp count. Whatever dsmobile is saying about mp count is totally wrong. You will see. What is your opinion Jay?

    • Kops

      I think you are missing the point here.

      It’s not always as simple as mp numbers. There’s possibility for example the video to only have the 24MP mode and stills to use 9MP.

      There’s such sensors out aleady.

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  • Adricii

    Hey people! I’d like to remind you guys of this entry made by mynokiablog a few weeks ago
    It’s the Lumia styled housings with cutout. Even though there’s no camera button and stuff i think those may have been early prototypes or something. So i was thinking, since dsmobile points out it’s meego worthy and these housings are N9-y tht it could be a variation of these cases but with sd slot and so on.
    Does it make sense?

    • Muerte

      Yes, I concur.

      That picture is a capture from the N9 Journey video, where they are carving a N9-like body. But with a similar cutout as the housing you linked has.