Statcounter: WP/Nokia Lumia growing in Finland, eating iOS, Android (well, everybody); moves up T-Mobile USA best seller list

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I saw this link in the comments by ZiPA to yesterday’s post on how the Lumia was doing in Finland.

If you recall, the first time we looked at statcounter details for WP/Lumia was back in Feb 8, with Lumia launch it was a good indication of growth, amassing 2% in a relatively short amount of time. Well now it’s at over 4%. 

Something else you’ll notice from week 8 2012 to week 9 is that whilst WP (mostly Lumia) has continued to grow, everything else has not.

The introduction of Lumia to Finland has seen that from week 4, a corresponding growth in WP and a reflected decline in iOS. The steepness of Symbian’s long decline however seems to be shallowing. There was actually a little increase for Symbian in week 4 (perhaps Halo effect of a healing Nokia?)

Looking back at week 8 to week 9, only WP seems to have grown – so it’s not mainly Symbian where WP sales are coming from – it’s eating into competitors as well.

Whilst you might say, “well it’s Finland, they just buy Nokia” – perhaps there might be some truth in that but it doesn’t account for all (or possibly even majority); well you might think that was the case but if you look back you’ll see the Finns are quite similar in terms of global trend with Symbian in great decline for several years now (and iPhone and Droids sadly taking up best seller lists).

Dave from Finland said:

Now I don’t know if this news extrapolates to outside of Finland, but Nokia is very far from being anyone’s darling, patriotism or not. Of course we’d like it to kick ass, and pureview and the N9 are great steps, but Nokia certainly does not get a free pass here.

Fingers crossed this trend continues in Finland and hopefully the rest of the world (note, Lumia has been on best sellers list outside of Finland. Remember notably how a Nokia was in T-Mobile USA’s best sellers list – a Nokia, in USA, best seller?!  Note, they’re still there. I think it’s moved from positions 4, 5 (black and white) to 3,4 (black and white).  It would be interesting to know what position the 710 might be in if you only count it as one phone (and not different phones by colour).

Keep it up Nokia. More great products, with great user experiences at a great price. Keep releasing more great products that delight consumers in their day to day use and slowly you might regain their mindshare. Things, though very difficult are beginning to look more positive for Nokia by the day. Just yesterday we heard of Nokia’s prestigious MWC award, achieved by the incredible innovation seen in the Nokia 808 PureView.

Nokia seems to be doing a great job of turning the public perception around – little, by little – take every little victory and build on it.

Nokia is setting their own goals and slowly but surely are meeting and exceeding it. Crawling first before walking and running. Momentum is building at the feet of Nokia.


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