New Lumia WP8 soon, “Be excited…Be excited!”

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Another thing just worth considering but not putting a lot of weight into. Makes sense to post now since a similar discussion was just opened in the previous post about a possibly new Lumia.

Yesterday, Dave Trevaskus (From Nokia – Nokia UK Academy Manager, met him at Nokia world, he’s a great guy) was tweeting about the Apple case and how it was great that Apple recognised Nokia’s designs by bringing up a Lumia as something distinct and original.

Makes sense as it’s a design many Apple fans themselves praised (various Mac/Apple/iPhone bloggers loving either N9 or Lumia 800). Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak was one of the major iNames praising the Lumia.

I mentioned that Apple might just be following Siri’s recommendations, i.e. the best smartphone ever comment.  Dave went on to say (or hint, I could be reading too much into this) that it won’t be for much longer  (as another new Lumia will replace it perhaps?).

I replied that I was due for an upgrade (in September) and I hoped to be amazed. Dave didn’t say much, but just said:

 Be excited, Jay. Be excited!!

Perhaps it is worth being excited about?

Or is it just Dave’s enthusiastic personality (he has to be as he’s training up all the other peeps in the UK to showcase new Lumias).

Last year we had a story about Dave (who was unknown to me then) saying the new Lumias would ‘blow our socks off’.

Well perhaps he was right in terms of design. Back then, June 16th 2011, the Nokia N9 was not yet announced. Dave may have seen the 800 first and as you all know, the first reactions people had to the N9 was to ‘blow our socks off’ right? So he’s correct on that regard.

Dave also hinted about the upcoming MeeGo device as being market disrupting. No one had heard of swipe UI, nor seen it. Only hints from Marko Ahtisaari. Come June 21st 2011, it was something completely new and innovative, no? Something actually market disrupting , with seasoned Nokia haters worshiping the design and the new gesture based swipe interaction.

I’m glad that Dave’s excited about the upcoming new Lumias. He hasn’t mentioned that specifically, but at a stretch and dot connecting, that’s what it is. It might seem obvious that staff will praise their products. True. Some on twitter that forget that end up finding new jobs, aka, the Microsoft guy who rated the new Nokia’s 8/10.

So, a Nokia Lumia 900 successor soon (‘not much longer’). Something worth getting excited about. Something that will come to the UK (and not wait for AT&T exclusivity perhaps?). At the very least, more confirmation from a Nokia source of new Lumias appearing. It might seem obvious now but only weeks ago there were also rumours circulating that we won’t even see a new Lumia this year.

The question everyone wants to know, although we all know the answer is no but like to grasp at some last threads of hope, will we see PureView Lumia this year in some form.

 [from me to Dave] I hope it will be a great performer in the camera department :p if so, lemme throw some money at the screen

Dave obviously can’t reply to that kind of question. Nokia’s own twitter account has been saying keep eyes and ears open – as vague as possible to questions on Lumia PureView. As mentioned before, Nokia’s Stephen Elop may already be playing around with PureView Lumias – reason? Some doubters do not think Elop would praise a Symbian powered PureView device. Elop specifically mentioned ‘PureView Technology’ as the one replacing his SLR.


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