China Mobile lists the Nokia Lumia 1000? Nokia Lumia EOS/Catwalk?

| February 7, 2013 | 29 Replies

china mobileIt could be a mistake, or it could be a rather premature spilling of new Nokia device news.

The first 4 digit Lumia, the Nokia Lumia 1000 apparently appeared on China Mobile’s handset listings. It could be anything from a simple typo or something very exciting.


It would be a whole extra tier 10xx above the usual flagship range, 9xx. Nokia Lumia EOS or Catwalk, Aluminium PureView 41MP goodness?

What digit designation do you think those rumoured devices will have? Stay in the 9XX range or move up the scale?

Update: You guys have also noted the presence of the 910, 719 and 730. There’s also the 822, specifically for Verizon, no?

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  • The Game

    more scale, more features, so better innovations and true SGSIV or Isheep 5S killer, MWC 13 is all.

    • rustyknight17

      Exactly ! Nokia needs to get WP8 to the same feature level as Belle or Meego to make the 10 serues as wesome as they reuted will be (ops sorry for the grammar there ! )

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  • arts

    If the allegations about Nokia not being able to supply the phones to china mobile are true, this might be a reason?

    • twig

      I’m not sure about the China Mobile issue but there is a Bloomberg article about the low supply issue still going on now in China also. Does anyone know if this could be related to their Vietnam plants coming online? Have not heard anymore on those plants for a while.

      • Viipottaja

        Iirc, elop referred to component supply issues, not assembly, in the recent interview in Australia.

      • Bloob

        You have to remember the short situation when considering these rumors. They might very well be true, but there are a lot who would benefit from bad news.

  • AlOnE

    There’s also Lumia 910 on the list

  • john

    719,730 are so suspicious too.maybe cheaper than lumia 820

  • Peter L

    Lumia 1000 would be the “tablet-like device” Marko Ahtisaari mentions he has been working with. Whatever that is.

  • Janne

    A Nokia phablet? 🙂 Interesting times.

    (Just a side-note, in China many Asha/basic models are named by adding a zero to the end, 311 => 3110 style, but since they haven’t followed that with Lumia – and a Lumia 100 with a zero in the end would make no sense – I doubt this point has any relevance.)

    • Sefriol

      If Nokia releases something L1000 series, it must be a tablet / phablet. L900 has only 2 phones in it, why would they make a new level just for their high end smartphones.
      Imo it is/should be a tablet over anything else.

  • capedonut

    if i remember correctly the “719” was some version of “710”(?)

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  • keevo

    I think i have read, that nokia have sayed that lumia range won’t go over 999?

    Anyway ai think that 9xx sound’s better than plain “1000”

  • livebig

    yah it would be nice for nokia to make some remote chips to make are phone more car friendly unlock doors carstarter also make it waterproof like sony adopt jolla as ther second os or first . Microsoft isgood but dont deserve 100 percent of nokia in mobile industry peole like choice

  • Eric

    alsois listed the lumia 505 the “telcel” EXCLUSIVE

    • Viipottaja

      Exclusive within a market

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  • correct

    Looks like the rumours of 6 new Lumias this year/being announced at MWC will be true.

    Very exciting times to be a Nokia fan!

    • correct

      Also this hasn’t been reported here, but worth a mention: multiple websites are reporting that ZDNet has insider sources within Microsoft confirming that coming in the future Windows and Windows Phone software will get merged/aligned. The rumoured “Windows Blue” is supposed to be an on-going wave of future updates to closely align Windows and Windows Phone code. A lot of system apps are supposed to receive updates including IE, and also kernel and driver improvements for battery life and performance. They key though is that all updates are supposed to maintain *backwards compability*.

      So it seems Microsoft finally gets it, and that future Windows Phone updates won’t cause developers to start from scratch. This will also add a lot of extra life to Windows Phone 8 devices, with future updates being backwards compatible.

      • rustyknight17

        Certainly hope that`s true ! MS really needs to get it , especially since Blackberry `s demonstrated the stupidity of Nokia abandoning Meego ! Doubly interesting because there`s a rumour that Blackberry is preparing to roll out a very similar update for BB10 called 10.1 … U suppose MS is getting concerned about the BB10 threat ? Thoughts ?

  • Viipottaja

    Just a thought: could the Catwalk be a phablet or a tablet? In those form factors the rumored aluminum casing might make more sense. Would be nice if Verizon launched a Nokia PV flagship AND a tablet at the same time!

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  • rustyknight17

    No thoughts on the WP bLue / BB10.1 coincidence , if coincidence it be ?

  • This was the last time we were going to leak any picture without a watermark. seriously learned my lesson very well. bloggers are getting as lazy as journalists