MWC Review, Plus Loads of Random Images & Videos. (Featuring Me Getting Attacked by a Broom)

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Cute tophy case they set up to display their well earned awards

Ok, well MWC is over (has been for 5 days); and thus I’ve been sitting on my lazy-ass for 5 days ‘re-cooperating’ from my trip (A one hour difference in time zones really jet-lags you 😛 ). Anyways just to recap about all the amazing thing we’ve seen at MWC this year (and yes I WILL post them before the pictures to force you all to read what I have to write)

Well now to the pictures, alot of these are just random things I saw at the Nokia Booth as well as some with the rest of the Nokia bloggers who were with us.

Video By Clinton Jeff over at ‘” interviewing a bunch of Bloggers at MWC (I promised him I’d post this else-wise I wouldn’t risk feeding our cute fan girls)- A bit long but quite funny; plus I’m in it so that’s always worth something! – (If you were just looking to see my Brutal Broom attack it’s int he last 20 seconds or so)

One Last Nokia Team dance (this time even the senior Nokia guys are getting their freak on)

-Center Guy in the Suit is Jason Gregory Product Manager of Lumia Devices (as well as Previously N9 Product Manager)
-Guy With serious moves and Spiky white hair (Front-Most guy when the dance began) is Dean Pattrick Head of Nokia Entertainment
-Left most Guy in first Line is Sumi; Another one of the Lumia design guys

Some sort of Castle looming over the Venue, (808 shot I think)

Magical Lollies they were passing out, with a chance to win some purity headphones or a Lumia

Entrance to Hall 7 where Nokias stand was

Some of the Bloggers that came with us (Trent, James, Lester.. & the back of Katies head)

Photo by 808 captured with 808, this looks so real it's scary.

Smoked by WP board showing the 808 winning me a 100 euros


Pretty cool 'Amazing Everyday' Lumia Case



'Winded Man' for show at the booth - He stands still but his costume makes him look like he's running

Bit of Nokia Humor

Isn't this display entrapment into a minor felony?

Here’s the full playlist of all our MWC Coverage:

Clinton also has a nice set of pics (mine are probably better 😛 ) you can find them here: - seriously check it out.



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